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Hello everyone! My name is bkdrew, and I'm excited to finally reveal the post for my newest project: RU Chatroom Community Day.

What is RU Chatroom Community Day?
Well, to summarize as best I can, it's an all day chatroom event hosted by yours truly where newer players are invited to come and ask questions, build teams, and learn more about RU, with more experienced players on hand to help out with newer players' questions, as well as have friendlies amongst each other, whilst discussing snake and other meta-related news. My goal is essentially to promote the playerbase and draw more activity to the tier. Multiple roomtours and a teambuilding competition will be included in the day's activities.

Who can come, and when?
The goal is anyone and everyone can come and go at any time they choose. The event is scheduled for next Saturday, 9/14, and will run from noon to 9:00 PM GMT -5 (USA central time) of that day. I will be on hand to help out the vast bulk of the day if not the entirety of it.

*Experienced players interested in pitching in: Leave your PS name and what you'd be most inclined to help out with- I.E. teambuilding, meta related knowledge, test games etc. I'll be putting these into a spreadsheet for easy referencing, when newer players have questions. Like, if (insert experienced player here) said they were good at teambuilding, if (insert newer player here) said they needed help building, I'd refer them to that player.

Teambuilding competition?
This is the one I'll need help judging. Around 8:00 CST I'll begin judging the teams submitted, pastes for which will be saved in that same spreadsheet as well as the player who submitted them. If anyone familiar with RU wants to help me judge teams, include that in your reply. Teams can be submitted at any point in time during the day to me, whether in the public chatroom or my PS messages.

If anyone has questions, feel free to ask me! I'm going to be quite active on here for the next few weeks, so I should be able to get back to you within a couple hours provided I'm not at work or in class. I hope to see a lot of people there!

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